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In This Web Site Hundered of Various Kind of Herbal Plants are described.


About Pherbal

Nature is the Symbol of God.

Everything around us represents his artistic and mysterious creation in the world.

The soil, water and air are as growing bed for certain species of plants.

So everything doesn't grow everywhere.

But the wonderful thing about creation is that, wherever is disease,

Useful and necessary medicinal plants have been created for the treatment of disease !?

Let's note: The closer to Nature, The healthier a human will be.

The main habitats of herbal plants are Iran and some other ancient countries such as China,

India, Greece and Egypt.

Iran is also the land of fruit , vegetables , flowers and abundant medicinal plants.

IRAN  has special continental and geographical characteristics for natural growth and diversity of medicinal plants.

The birthplace of some famous healers (physician) is in Iran such as Avicenna.

 Avicenna , the renowned Iranian scholar and physician (b.980 AD),in his famous book (Law) tells us the accurate

Use of medicinal plants as a treatment of disease.

According to statistics released , about 1,300 unique plant species grow on Iran land that are
Really effective in terms of treatment , but unfortunately only just 150 of these plants are known in the trade and markets.
Harvesting of plants collected from natural growth in Iran are limited and depend on
droughts , snow and rainfall in autumn and winter.
In this site you will become familiar with the most popular medicinal plants.

This Virtual market is for exporting plants, with favorable quality and suitable packaging .

Our company’s active presence is for Marketing and Exporting the high-grade products.


Medical plants are classified in multiple categories as following:

Industrial plants, medicinal, cosmetics, food supplement, oil and Essence (Aromatic herbs), brewed, all flavors (spices and condiment), Dried vegetables, Extract, ointment.

Also their properties, features, function, impact, vitamin and nature of each plant is discussed.

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10 Interesting Facts About Herbal Medicine

10 Interesting Facts About Herbal Medicine

1. The word drug comes from the Dutch word “droog” which means ‘ dry’ or ‘to dry’ which is in reference to how ancient healers and physicians would dry plants for use as medicines.

2. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that 80% of the world’s population uses herbal medicine.

3.  7,000 compounds used in modern medicine are derived from plants.

4. One half of all medical schools now offer courses on alternative medicine, which includes the study of plants as medicine.

5. One out of three medicines prescribed in Germany is an herb.

6. The use of herbal medicines predates human history.

7. The first medical schools were based on the use of plants and herbs.

8. After the Black Death, the use of plants as medicines was replaced with the use of more toxic chemical substances, like heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, etc…) Especially after the science of chemistry evolved, the use of plants as medicine was replaced with the allopathic system we see predominant in most industrialized countries.


9.  Herbs are trophorestorative, which means they work on the deepest level to bring about vitality and healing. It has been found, through scientific research, that plants benefit us by actually transferring information to our bodies on a genetic level. Now, that’s what I call deep healing!


10. Humans have evolved with herbs and plants for hundreds of thousands of years. Using herbal medicine brings harmony and balance back to
the body, because it allows the body to be just as responsible for the healing as the plant. Using harsh, synthetic chemical compounds, which have only been around for a hundred years or so (and have not usually been properly tested for long term safety), comes with the mentality that the body is a broken machine and needs to be fixed. Not a very holistic, let alone healthy, attitude if you ask me!

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