The pharmacological properties of aniseed are summarized as follows:

These seeds kill the microbes, and affect Salmonella typhoid, Microsporium Pyogenes and Escherichia coli.
These are anti-spasmodic and tonic.
These are useful for disease of liver and throat, cough, and rheumatism.
Treats blotch.
Another of its properties is the treatment of dyspepsia due to weakness.

How to use and consume:

The fruit of this plant is used as powder, dried extract and liquid extract.

You can use 3or 6 grams of this powder daily. The dried extract can be taken 125 mg daily. Liquid extract can be used up to 6 ml per day.

In general, to use the properties of this, after each meal at noon and at night, half the cups of it with half the water cups to help digest the food and prevent bloating and pickles of the stomach.
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