Wild thyme

Wild thyme:


This plant is anti-tympanites, and strengthens the stomach.

Wild thyme is antibilious and expectorant.

It strengthens male sexuality.

One of the properties of this plant is the strengthening of those who have a weak body; these people should use a Wild thyme shower. Boil 100 g of it in 3 liters of water, pour in the bath and sit in it.

It's used as boiled or steamed to treat brucellosis.

It is antibacterial and anti-cold, and disinfects the intestine.

Wild thyme causes the food to be absorbed, and does not have a negative effect on food iron.

It is used in Pakistan for the treatment of typhoid.

It's also used to treat gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea, tenesmus, and anti-spasm.

Decoction of this plant is helpful in removing rheumatism and bone softness, and tonsillitis.






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