Narcissus flower

Narcissus flower:


This beautiful flower has many health benefits.
The smell of Narcissus flower prevents catarrh and is very effective in improving the cold.
The use of a mix of the oil of this flower and honey improves the chronic treatment of the nervous system.
Massage of the oil of Narcissus on stomach and bladder improves bladder problem.
It can also be used to treat and reduce spasticity, joint pain and organ fractures.
In lactating mothers who face the problem of tightening milk, the use of a mixture of Narcissus oil and honey and its massage on the chest causes milk to flow.
People who suffer from frequent dislocation of the body, such as shoulder, hands and feet, can improve if they massage the dislocated area several times with a mixture of onion, Narcissus flower, honey and a little vinegar.
Narcissus flower is very useful due to its absorbent properties in the treatment of deep wound infections. The method of use is to impregnate the scar with a mixture of Narcissus oil, onion and honey.

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