Scientific name: Rosa rubiginosa

it Contains vitamin C.It is a dense deciduous shrub 2–3 m high and across, with the stems bearing numerous hooked prickles .The flowers are 1.8–3 cm diameter, the five petals being pink with a white base, and the numerous stamens yellow.Rose not only provides us with its heavenly essential oil and beautiful floral water, it also gives us the queen of all carrier oils: Rosa Rubiginosa. Rosa Rubiginosa is the carrier oil of choice for skin regeneration. Its miraculous skin rejuvenating properties are thought to be due to its high content of both linoleic and linolenic fatty acids.

Rosa Rubiginosa grows in the southern Andes of South America. The flowers are ethereal, only living about 24 hours, then replaced by the fruit or the rose hip.
It is the tiny amber seed inside the rose hip that gives us Rosa Rubiginosa.


Main Therapeutic Properties:

Healing Properties: There has been extensive clinical study of this fixed oil, particularly in South America.

It has been found to be effective in tissue regeneration (especially for conditions such as burns, wrinkles, and UV-damaged skin).

In the treatment of scars, it has proven to reduce redness, hyper-pigmentation, and the formation of keloid scar tissue.

Rosa Rubiginosa has a healing effect on burns, chronic ulcerations of the skin, skin grafts, brown spots, and prematurely aging skin.

It is an excellent oil to use on the skin after sun treatment or as an additive to sunscreen.

This is also a very good carrier oil for essential oils, particularly when used with rose essential oil in a conciliation skin regime with rose hydrosol.


ecause of the high fatty acid content, Rosa Rubiginosa is not recommended for those with acne.

Medical properties:

Eglantine is relaxation, heart boosting, exhilarating, stomach balancer, increasing body immunity and decreasing sugar and blood pressure.

Its tea is suitable for blood purification.

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